Jul 15, 2008

Using TAR with Bunzip2 files

Bunzipping and then unTARring in two steps is not convenient.

It is not necessary to use Bunzip2 and then TAR to unzip a file in two separate steps.

Tar will do the job on its own if the -j switch is used, thus:

tar xjvf linux-source.tar.bz2

By the same token, you may use the -z switch with a gzipped file, e.g.

tar zxvf linux-source.tar.gz


Jul 9, 2008

All in one driver solution with DriverMax

Need to reinstall Windows but you misplaced your driver disks? Not sure you have everything you need? DriverMax has you covered. Backing up and reinstalling your drivers couldn't be easier.

After installing DriverMax, go into Driver Operations and click on Export drivers. A list of all your installed drivers will be displayed and you can pick and choose which ones to export, or simply export the whole lot in one go. Once you've reinstalled Windows, go back into Driver Operations, click on Import drivers, and point to the folder containing your saved drivers. The import can take a while, but in comparison to manually installing each driver individually, this is a walk in the park.

DriverMax is also useful even if you don't need to perform a complete reinstall - you can use the program just to make sure that your drivers are up to date or export a list of your installed drivers as an html or text file.

DriverMax is compatible with Windows 2003, XP and Vista and you have to supply your email address in order to receive a registration code.

Tags: drivers, export, import, installing, vista, xp

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